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The CCTV News Portal is an authoritative site, dedicated to providing Security professionals, the latest and most comprehensive data about CCTV products, systems and solutions.

We welcome submissions of articles and case studies, as long as our guidelines are respected. There is no cost for submitting articles, contact our editorial team to submit your article. A good article should have the following characteristics:

Technical: As a general rule, the minimum length for an article should be 500 words, preferably 1,000 words or more. Conversely to print magazines, the CCTV News Portal has no restriction on the length of the articles we publish. If we think a 50-page long case study or in-depth technical analysis is relevant, then we will publish it.

Important note: We can will only consider releases sent to us via email, either as Word document or as plain text emails (no PDFs please as they are more difficult to edit). Releases sent by post will not be considered.

Features list and editorial calendar: Conversely to print magazines which often have a lead time of several months, we cover the latest news as and when they happen. We are convinced this is a significant benefit of our online publication: when you read something in print magazines, it is likely that this information is already at least several weeks old - at the CCTV News Portal, we publish articles on a daily basis and our breaking news bring our readership the immediate information they require.

We reserve the right to edit and publish any material that is sent to us - if you do not want us to publish your release, then do not send it to us. We also reserve the right not to publish those releases that we deem are not relevant to our target audience.

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